Today, process control has become an integral part of a successful and sustainable plant. This process control can only be achieved through automation and needs to be implemented right from the entry of raw material into the plant to the delivery of final good at the outlets. Controlling and optimising all the process like sampling of raw material, pre-cleaning, storing, blending, cleaning, grinding, and packaging will help in creating long term growth of the plant.

Flour factories should make quality, hygienic and standard product for their customers. Automation makes achieving all this possible and also helps in creating MIS for optimisation of the production processes therefore increasing yield. 
Automation should not be considered as an extra cost rather it should seen as an investment into the creation of sustainable business. Usually millers stay away from automation as the its cost can be too high. However at Choyal, we believe that each plant, be it small, medium or large is capable of automation and our professional team will help you in moving towards automation seamlessly and add value to your business. 


Increased yield

Automated production will help you in achieving systemic process and control over the entire mill operation.

Reliable Reporting

Gain access to your mill’s MIS with reliable reports and optimise it to achieve your goals.

Reduced operational cost

Controlled processes will help you in removing unwanted tasks, thus saving you on your operational costs.

Services offered

Digitized your output with our Wonder Miller. Operate & control your plant with just a touch of your finger.

Remotely administer your plant through GUI (Graphical User Interface) from anywhere in the world.

Optimize your processes with customized MIS development for your plant and track your progress.

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