With zero investment in machineries, we take care of your milling needs. We have a state of the art 40TPD plant at our facility centre in Ajmer. Optimal milling is more about the process and we follow extensive processing under one roof for you such as sampling of raw material, pre-cleaning, storing, blending, cleaning, grinding, and packaging so you can get the desired flour quality for your customers.

Our facility centre is a technological marvel, fully green and solar powered. It has test facilities for grain processing industry.
With a range of machines, an automation and control system, our 40 TPD Wholewheat Atta plant also serves as an in-house training school for hands-on training and facilitation of R&D. The totally integrated facility centre provides hands-on working and operating with machines allowing the understanding of intake, conveying, cleaning, grading, and milling.
The facility centre has highly interactive plant control system. Our facility centre has the state of the art PLC system with genius brain software which is known as “miller lite”. Miller lite is a software which operates the mill plant with the help of the combination of software, hardware, plc, vfd, servo drive, mechanical devices and the electrical panel. 
The system includes all the essential functionalities such as a process monitoring, powerful database system, user management, product and bin management, remote access, alarm and event logger, job entry format and control.

Process involved

Services offered

With zero investment in machineries and no worry about the process, get your atta brands setup easily and get freshly milled atta flour in your own brand packaging.

For customers intending for new installation, get first hand trials of our state of the art facility centre and plan their dream projects.

We offer world class courses on flour milling technology. We also offer customised courses for larger organisations.

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