Milling is an energy intensive sector. Energy consumption during milling process makes up for the majority of the operational cost. Since profit margins are very slim in flour industry operational cost, raw material and labour cost needs to be controlled or it would result in higher production cost. 
As the global energy prices only rise up, it is urgent for flour millers to find energy saving solutions and only efficient use of these three factors can only help in making the mill a profitable one.  

If there is too much energy consumption during the milling process, it not only results in increased energy consumption but also reduces the machines quality. At Choyal we design our machineries that help you optimise your production therefore reducing the power consumption. With our patented technology, we can help you achieve 30% power saving thereby reducing your production cost and increasing your profit margins.


Increased yield

Automated production will help you in achieving systemic process and control over the entire mill operation.

Increased Margins

By controlling your power consumption, you can reduce your operational costs and increase your profit.

Reduced operational cost

Controlled and automated processes will help you in removing unwanted tasks and save your operational costs.

Our Power Saving Products

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