Radhey Shyam Choyal

Executive Director

R.S. Choyal, the Charismatic Executive Director of Shri Vishvakarma (E.S.) Industries Pvt. Ltd., is a visionary in the understanding of the power of nature and the development of self worth in the people at large. He is a pioneer in Personality Development Movement. He has studied Psychology and Philosophy in depth and researched on Personality Development -Meditation, Communication, Emotions and Human Relations and implemented his work. He is an Industrialist & Exporter.  A natural leader and an excellent orator he is regularly invited by various Institutions and Organizations to conduct training programs in Personality Development all over Rajasthan for Men, Women & Children.
Mr. R.S. Choyal is co-founder of Brain Trust Society for management of self, which goes a long way in helping people to see their lives in the correct perspective. Society’s ultimate aim is to increase self-confidence, enthusiasm, zeal and intelligence and to lessen worries, sorrows, anger and fear from people’s lives. Inspiring people across Rajasthan, he has arranged many seminars with a soul aim of bringing change and progress in the multitudes suffering. Endowed with a psychological insight and in-depth cognition to the real goal of religion, he has the power to demystify things in a simple way.