Shri Gopal Sharma

Managing Director

Shri Gopal Sharma had took the charge of Joint Managing Director of Shri Vishvakarma (E.S.) Industries Pvt. Ltd. in 1990. He was instrumental in taking the organization to the international markets.
His  pioneering spirit and foresight has guided Choyal’s emergence as a formidable financially sound Flour Milling Manufacturing and Exporting Company. Managing a dual responsibility of Exports, over the course of years, He led Choyal’s Greenfield Unit II project, introduced the New Facility Centre and CNC Workshop as a business models in India and was pivotal to growing the organization’s footprint.
He was elevated to the position of Managing Director in 2005. Shri Gopal Sharma ‘s financial acumen has been the key factor in the group’s dramatic growth and profitability. His insights have played a pivotal role in encouraging Flour Millers at large.
With a firm belief that CHOYAL would need to create an environment to encourage research and development and innovation, He has continuously developed business viability models to facilitate the introduction of advanced technologies like the Wonder Mill, Miller Lite and more recently an Institute for Flour Milling. These endeavours have helped to benchmark Indian Flour milling Industry  amongst the best in the world.